Decrypt DLC container files

This is simple how-to post to show you one method to successfully get rapidshare links out of DLC container (JDownloader Download Link Container) files.

Terminal Server Patch 2.1

New updated Terminal Server Patch version 2.1 is out now! All known 1.0 version problems should be fixed in this release, including XP PRO SP3 support, unlimited simultaneous users, localized installation problems and error reporting in case of unsupported Windows/Terminal Server.

Win 2003 Optimize Tool v1.46

New version of Windows Server 2003 Optimize tool is here!
This version has full Windows Server 2003 SP2 support. More details available at changes log.

Download Latest Binary

DSM-G600 NAS Project


D-LINK DSM-G600 is a NAS with

  • Internal 3.5” Hard Drive Support
  • Two USB 2.0 Ports For Additional Storage
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • 802.11g Wireless
  • Running powerpc-uclibc-linux (revB only)
  • Available under $130 (every once in a while $99)

I have setup a web page with some binaries and hacks to extend usability of this device. For example you can find there telnetd, dropbear ssh, ctorrent and guides for chrooting into Gentoo and Debian, and last but not least – some pointers to get webcams working with DSM-G600.

DSM-G600 Wiki
DNS-323 Wiki
TS-I300W Wiki

To make this happening you will need a wifi router, OpenWrt Linux distribution and some knowledge of linux.

You can find more info about supported routers and setting up OpenWrt at here.

After you have successfully installed your wifi router with OpenWrt, then you are ready to install TMSNC for OpenWrt :cool:

Windows Password Renew 1.1

Password Renew 1.1-BETA is now available for download.
Version 1.1-BETA contains several code fixes and completely new user interface.

Download Latest Binary

sala source 100000

On the 18th of june, our counter rolled over the 100,000 visitor line. I’d like to thank all of you that have found something useful here and believed in this website’s purpose. I’d also like to thank xServu for providing free hosting.

Win 2003 Optimize Tool v1.45

New version of Windows Server 2003 Optimize tool is done.
Changes log is available under here.

Download Latest Binary

New page

It was about time to get the new page up. So here’s the proof that sala source is not dead. As a matter of fact I am working on the next version of Windows Server 2003 Optimize Tool that has full SP1 support. Also Windows Password Renew will soon have an update coming with brand new interface:)