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On the 18th of june, our counter rolled over the 100,000 visitor line. I’d like to thank all of you that have found something useful here and believed in this website’s purpose. I’d also like to thank xServu for providing free hosting.

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  1. 1 TriLLi

    hello grate tool

  2. 2 corean

    thanks. good program.

  3. 3 michael

    hey im interested in the source to your terminal services patch. your tool does not help me i need to do it in code. can you provide some lite to the subject or source? i can code in any language and its not for commercial puproses. please email me if you could and specify NOT SPAM in the subject if you could


  4. 4 sala

    I am about to write it over to fix this issue.
    By now it’s working fine only in English version on WinXP PRO SP2.

  5. 5 QQ

    yes, i’m interested in terminal server patch aswell. why? because i’ve converted my Windows 2003 Server Standart machine to workstation (using ntswitch), and it works fine, but unfortunatelly doesnt allow concurrent connections anymore :( hope you could port your patcher to w2k3 version of dll aswell..

  6. 6 sala

    Can’t do that

  7. 7 QQ

    why not? do you not patch the dll but replace it with xp sp2 beta build?

  8. 8 QQ

    if so, then do you perhaps have 2082 build of dll, so that i could compare 2055 and 2082 and perhaps figure out the bits to be patched?

  9. 9 jake

    ran the patch but doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas? Using xp pro, just downloaded all the latest updates form Microsoft before running the patch.

    any help is appreciated.

  10. 10 sala

    “Doesn’t seem to work” is not enough, you must be more specific with your problem description.
    But most likely this problem is caused by system file protection. Try to find all your termsrv.dll files in your computer hard drive and rename them to termsrv.dll.oldfile except the one you have in windows\system32 directory, and then re-run Terminal Server Patch :)

  11. 11 Joel

    I have a problem with the terminal server patch.

    It won’t let me play games on other computers (i’ve tried multiple games and none with 3d graphics work (some give an error “There is no 3d hardware installed in your system”) – yet I can play those games fine on the host computer?

    Is this supposed to be? Any way to fix it?

    My graphics card is the Radeon x800 with latest drivers from Omega

  12. 12 sala

    If you think it is caused by terminal server patch, then I have no other solution for you to just uninstall the patch.

  13. 13 JW

    The Terminal Services patch is awesome! Remote administration on my PVR (Personal Video Recorder) required the PVR user to logoff so couldnt watch TV untill a reboot. Thank you!

  14. 14 One

    Can I get the source code of the XP terminal Service Patch. I want to know how does it work? thanx? how can i modifying termserv.dll ?

  15. 15 sala

    You cant get source code, also you cant get patch for termserv.dll because it is provided by Microsoft and I have not modified it in any way!

  16. 16 Jeffrey

    I have installed the XP Terminal Service Patch and it works great! Can you send me the source code of it? I also want to know how can you make it happen. Thanks!

  17. 17 sala

    Jeffrey, just read previous posts!

  18. 18 Alcy


    I have a PC with Windows XP SP2 (Celeron 2.53 MHz, 512 RAM, GForce with 128 M) and I’d like to share it (my CPU) with two or more users by adding only monitor, keybord and mouse for them.

    Does it possible with Terminal Service Patch? If yes, what I have to do?

    Someone could show me, step-by-step, how to setup this?



  19. 19 sala

    Terminal Service Patch has a wizard in it :)
    If you want information about terminal server and remote desktop then you should look help from Microsoft.
    Note that Microsoft does no support Terminal Service Patch!

  20. 20 Ian

    Is it possible to provide a patch of termsrv.dll for XPx64 or Server 2003.

    I need to have more users connecting but windows 32 only supports 3gig ram,

    my 64x supports upto 128gig ram so performace will be greater.


  21. 21 sala

    Ian, this has been answered many times. Only 32 XP SP2 Pro has this patch. For server 2003 use terminal server service and you will be able to connect more users.

  22. 22 kilou


    I have installed the terminal server patch on an XP SP2 system that is running inside a virtual machine on a Linux (Ubuntu) host. The patch is correctly installed and I have only one termsrv.dll file that is in /windows/system32. However for some reasons I cannot open multiple applications (each application requires its own session so this patch is required to open multiple applications seamlessly from the Linux host). Is there a simple way to know if the patch is really correctly installed???

  23. 23 sala

    If you can successfully longin as much as two users at the same time then this patch is working and correctly installed.

  24. 24 kpteoh

    I have already installation terminal service patch successfully. But I face a problem is when 3rd remote desktop user logon failure. It is only allows 1 local user & 2 remote desktop user at a same time. How can I solve this problem?

  25. 25 wsbsteven

    XP Service Pack 3 breaks this. I’m thinking it just restores the old version of the file but the installer is set to only install on sp2 so you can’t reinstall it. Just FYI if you happen to see this.

  26. 26 Michael

    Replacement Termserv64.dll is also available for XP64. Not sure about 2003 or Vista, but don’t believe it would be (maybe someone with Vista Business or Ultimate could provide a copy for verification purposes?)

    If you’re after the DLL for 64, the correct version number is 6.0.6000.16386. :)

  27. 27 rk prabhu


    I have installed this patch…and it says…”The client couldnt connect. You are already connected to the console of this this computer. A new session can not be established.

    How can i fix this?


  28. 28 Frank O

    Thank you Sala. Beautiful work. Will this work on Vista too? Again I thank you. All hail Sala!

  29. 29 Ryan

    Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) update (KB925876), which is included in windows SP3 is BREAKING the SALA’s concurrent sessions patch. If the concurrent sessions patch is NOT WORKING, try uninstalling that update.

  30. 30 WeirdG

    Sala’s concurrent sessions patch isn’t working in Windows XP with SP3 loaded.


  31. 31 Michael

    Thanks Sala for that great patch for XP SP2, I have been using it sucessfully for a long time now. Unfortunately SP3 removes this patch and the current patch installer file will not run in the SP3 environment. I have unistalled SP3 for the time being as your patch is more important and far more useful to me. Is there any plans to modify a patch for XP SP3 in the near future? Thanks Again

  32. 32 Gabriel Pisin

    How to uninstall only KB925876, this update is not shown in Add Remove Programs, only SP3 is shown.

    Best Ragrds Gaby

  33. 33 cypherstream

    I have Windows XP SP3 and all of a sudden the patch is not working. I searched for KB925876 in the Add/Remove Programs but it is not there. I still see sala’s terminal services patch in Add/Remove Programs, and when I tried to install it again over top of itself it said “This is for Windows XP Professional SP2 only”.

    When is an SP3 version coming out? To be honest, this is one of the reasons why I stuck with XP instead of going to Vista. Concurrent remote sessions is great for when I access my home PC from work, but my girlfriend is at home using the computer.

  34. 34 sala

    @for latest five comments, Updated Terminal Server Patch is out now with SP3 support :)

  35. 35 JaixBly

    Have you checked out the Vista Patch that claims to do the same as your?

    I havn’t, but perhaps it’s a start of something?

  36. 36 JaixBly

    I now have tested the patch pentioned above, it works for Vista but not Vista SP1.

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