Win 2003 Optimize Tool v1.45

New version of Windows Server 2003 Optimize tool is done.
Changes log is available under here.

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22 Comments to “Win 2003 Optimize Tool v1.45”  

  1. 1 kongling

    this tool is very good,i like it.

  2. 2 Henning Hotvedt

    Running “Win 2003 Optimize Tool v1.45″ on Windows Server 2003 R2
    (the latest beta from m$)
    makes the system not able to log in, if the “UxTheme” button is pressed.
    I restored the .bak-files, and it’s good again.
    All other stuff seems to work like it scould in r2, thanks for a good program!

  3. 3 e-t-c

    Very smart Tool – Thank You ! :o )

  4. 4 sala

    Trying to get R2 tested as soon as possible:)

  5. 5 Bilou_Gateux

    Thanks for this tool. Using 2K3 Server SP1 Web as workstation OS is just perfect with your tool. No need to search in registry for values and change data and add policies…
    And my OS is better than XP SP2. I forget about all the bloat installed with XP.

  6. 6 mMiniImManN

    I’m glad to see this tool still being upgraded, it truely rocks, still haven’t seen one problem with it yet :D .

    I didn’t find you’re e-mail anywhere, so am woundering if by chance you will eventually make one of these tools for XP.
    Sounds like a lot of work, since XP needs so much tweaking, but wow, it could be a very powerful tool to get it working like MS planned….

    Take it easy

  7. 7 Sanya From Hungary

    Thank you this nice app!Congratulation!!!!

  8. 8 AL

    XP Games installation and System Restore doesn’t support MUI.
    I mean if I have for example russian MUI for 2003 (english) server installed and after that I install XP games and System Restore (with the help of your nice tool:) ) – then they are not using MUI (I suppose files for them are absent in MUI for 2k3 or just not installed). But of course MUI files for XP games and system restore service are present in MUI for XP. How about an option in your tool to install these XP MUI files :) ?

  9. 9 К

    I needed for the Fast User Switching. Program writes “…work only if your Server is Converted to Workstation..”. What I must to do for this convertation?

  10. 10 sala

    to K
    there is some hacks that convert your server os to workstation (server 2003 goes to windows xp), but these are ilegal to use, so you are you at your own with this one.

  11. 11 Alein

    Any idea how to turn off internet explorer enhanced security under x64 ? I like this small tool, but it seems to work only under x32 editions of win 2k3.

  12. 12 sala

    Going to look this up as soon as I get hands on to some x64 hardvare :P

  13. 13 love

    Windows Optimize Tool v1.5
    It’s wonderful!

  14. 14 kallstrom

    hi…what about R2? Has it been solved yet? i mean the uxtheme thing? would LOVE to use it on win2k3 R2

    “Windows Optimize Tool v1.5″??? what?

  15. 15 sala

    R2 uxtheme bug is not yet fixed. Going to work with it as soon as I can.
    v1.5 is just pool option to find out, which update users want the most.
    Eventually each project get updated :)

  16. 16 lemonade

    I am waiting for Windows Optimize Tool v2.0, but while I wait I would like to receive the following updates

    v1.6 JUNE
    v1.7 SEPT
    v1.8 NOV
    and v2.0 for christmas! :-) )))))))))))

  17. 17 warezpuppy

    Great tool to tune up Win 2003 …. any chance of a boot screen editor ?

    thanks for your efforts great tweaker.

    Cheers : )

  18. 18 sala

    warezpuppy, probably not. Win 2003 Optimize tool is complete. Only compatibility updates will be released in future (next will come as soon as Windows Server 2003 SP2 is finished).

  19. 19 Ricardo

    hey sala..
    wonderful app..but im just waiting for the next release that supports SP2.
    i installed that then my uxtheme.dll was unpatched again. i tried to patch again but get no success.

    can u mail me when next release goes online?

  20. 20 AloneInTheDark

    Any update comming soon for “uxtheme.dll” win2k3 SP2 RTM ? Been looking all over the Internet without luck. :(

  21. 21 sala

    I do update Win 2003 Optimize Tool first thing when I get some free time :)

  22. 22 AloneInTheDark

    Hey Sala, Thanks for the reply. I see forward the update! Right now, I’m sitting on windows “Classic” theme… yepp yepp, pretty awful! :p Great tool by the way. I would be happy to donate if you had a PayPal link somewhere.

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