v1.46 Build 401:
* Fully Windows Server SP2 compatible
* SP2 RTM uxtheme patches added (32bit english only)
* Added links to new homepage
* Current skin configuration to logon skin warning removed
* Avoid using some custom themes like GUIRelax while using this tool

v1.45 Build 400:
* Fully Windows Server SP1 compatible
* SP1 RTM uxtheme patches added (english only)
* Added links to new homepage
* Current skin configuration to logon skin option added
* HelpBar fix for some extreme xp themes
* Checkbox text background fixes for some themes
* Apps tab fully renewed
* I will add couple of new features to the next version, so stay tuned:)

v1.44 Silent update 1, Build 333:
* Via4in1 version 4.51 added
* Java VM link fix
* Home page www fix

v1.44 0rd1 2 Build 331:
* Added to unattended mode:
Manage Your Server dialog disable option
NTFS Last Access Time Stamp option added
Crash Dump options added
Pagefile Executive options added
Disable thumbnail cache
* Still can’t name it to *Final*
* Second execute error added instade of AppActivate force

v1.43 Silent update, Build 329:
* Offline link fix

v1.43 Fixing, not Final Build 328:
* Display Acceleration for unattended install is fixed using DEVICEMAP data
* Unattended install file can now customly edit by deleting some lines-values
* Sound Quality for unattended install is fixed (sort of experimental)
* ClearType added to unattended mode
* EasyMode enabled (for Display acceleration and Maximize sound Quality)

v1.41 Build 314:
* Visual setting option added to unattended mode
* Guide update (Custom CD with all optimizing changes)
* Resource tree is now fixed up

v1.40 Final, Release Build 309:
* Unattended mode undo options added

v1.40 Pre-Final, Build 307:
* Easy Mode disabled, because of some issues
* Fully tested build (Unattended mode works realy sweet!!)
* Current User skin added (only for unattended mode)
* Still working on Find-And-Repleace reg key functions, that’s why Pre-Final (may take some time)
* Unattended file integrated to main exe, extracting option added (to Unattended Install section from HelpBar)
* At Unnatended mode undo (back to default values) do not work yet (if you use this mode with Windows setup you dont need them anyway)

v1.40 RC2, Build 305:
* Unattended mode error control added
* + some new features
* Easy mode added (req restarts)

v1.40 RC1, Build 298:
* N**ch removed because it causes more bad than good
* Unattended mode added, yeah its working nice!
* Now installing games to all users
* At help bar Unattended Install section added
* Many correction
* Memory/CPU setting are now modified directly

v1.37 Final, Release Build 260:
* Help menu added

v1.36 Internal Build 253:
* Bug fixes (specially for non-english version of Windows)
* Yeah that’s right, progressbar is now fixed for windows classic situation
* msinfo32 based stuff MAY now work with non-english version on Windows
* Correct Non-Administrator user-group user warning added

v1.35 Final, One of the Last Build 249:
* Statusbar hide fix
* 2x or more app usage is disabled
* Internet game unattendend install added with sysocmgr (+ sysoc.inf fix)
Removed! because sysoc.inf dirty hack that may cause sysocmgr act unnormaly! Don’t use MSFN.org method, it is same
* /gameforce switch added for enableing this Windows Zone Game installation
* Internet Explorer Enhanced Security uninstall added
* UI changes

v1.32 Final, Reason Build 235:
* Fully tested build
* Substitute list updated

v1.31 Brass Monkey Build 233:
* ALL and ALL stuff related WPA and TimeBomb are removed, Happy now!
* TweakUI link added + Intel driver download page direct link
* NTSwitch added (try it only if your Windows is NOT VLK (Corporate Edition) version
* Welcome Screen added
* Fast User Switch added

v1.30 Lite Final, Play with Me Build 225:
* For WinXP some General menu functions are now disabled
* + some little fixes (progressbar value, applybtn, zone games disabled)
* Compilled using 7.1 libs

v1.30 RC2 NON-ENGLISH Testing Build 216:
* TEMP variable fix, returning v0.82 methods
* Some restore functions added (WinXP not tested yet!)
* ProgramFiles fix, now MAY work with NON-ENGLISH version of Windows (fatal error fix)
* Start Menu dir locate fix, now MAY work with NON-ENGLISH version of Windows (non fatal error fix)

v1.30 RC1 EN Build 210:
* Added Blank password option for networks
* UI changes
* Error Reporting options added
* Any of my tools shuld not be used with non english version on Windows!!!

v1.22 Final (this tool is NOT a crack!!!), Ordi Build 188:
* New VIA4in1 link added
* Tool name changed
* At Apps tab: App Substitutes
* Code corrections
* Minor UI changes
* License force at first time user

v1.2 Final Build 180:
* Code corrections
* Home Edition type fix
* Fully tested Final Build

v1.2 RC4, Final Touch Build 169:
* Menu icons added
* Code optimize
* Licence readme added to About menu
Read it before starting to use this tool!!!
* Menu last item fix
* Automatic Logon added
* Not fully tested! Use only Final builds, not RC’s

v1.2 RC3, XP Menu Build 166:
* Nice XP Menu added (only icons must be add)

v1.2 RC2, HelpBar Build 151:
* Helpbar is now completed, no library needed as usual

v1.2 RC1, Go-On Build 144:
* I think to improve me little tool cause Neo*in turn me down
* Super extended Step-by-step help added
* More and more testing but there is nothing to fix
* All look super stable. Users are happy!
* Helpbar v5 lib requirement removed

v1.11 Final Build 117:
* Some UI and code corrections

v1.1 Final Build 115:
* Illegal features are removed (like Reset5 and TweakNT)
* CMD line options added (/giveall, /forceweb, /xpdir:directory /?)
* ENG LNG fixed bY ar_bik, if you do not understand some word, send mailbombs to ar_bik@youknow

v1.0 Final Build 110 (Not International):
* Tested OS’s:
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows Server 2003 for Small Business Server (RC)

Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (pre SP1)
Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition
* Not tested OS’s:
Windows Server 2003 64bit Editions
* For now this project is on standby, only fixes will be release in the future
* Version 2.0 will have (late this year):
Slipstream features
Windows automatic setup scripts
Windows PE builder (bundled Delphi project)
For Windows Server 2003: Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching
and much more…

v1.0 RC2 Build 101:
* File exists fixes
* File size optimised (res and code)
* DX9.0b redist link added
* Uxtheme patch big bug fix, sorry about that
* First icon only is now in use
in VBasic it generates error but in Windows it works OK!
* LanmanNT fix

v1.0 RC1 Build 92:
* Windows Server SP1 testings
* WinRAR SFX in no longer in use!!
Now using only RES for files

v0.86 System Restore Final:
* Finally System Restore is fully fixed
* Testing Purpose remover added
to get rid of Evolution Version message you must use TweakNt and remove timebomb

v0.82a Enterprise Edition Testing Build:
* uxtheme patch added to just xp (nosp1)
* System Restore is still fucked up :(

v0.76 System Restore Testing Build (Public Release):
* System Restore should now work
* Clean registry fix added
* Trying to find reg append code (0×0001000A)

v0.72 XP Testing Build (Internal Release):
* Low Disk Space Warning remover added (this warning freaks me out)
* uxtheme fix for xpsp1 (next build support just XP too)
* System Restore almost completed (sr.reg not nice way, and inf defaultinstall dont work well)
* MSNMES 6.0 added
* Sys Restore and Windows Update tab number fix
* Tons of XP compatibility things
* Testing Purpose, Evolution Version and just Windows Version remover from desktop (experimental)
Note: Soon I`ll release 1.0 Version, just when I complete System Restore for Windows2K3

v0.7 Bundle Release (internal Web Edition testing build):
* System Restore Added (experimental)
* New Icons
* Bundled with winrar, soon with res
* Games install app window topmost force (using dirty way)
* All msgbox and window coordinates are now fixed (app center and monitor center)
* XP themes are now turned on again
* Some new entries in Tools menu

v0.69 Integrate Build (internal testing build):
* I have started to integrate TweakNT and Reset5 to my tool
Check Crack tab, I hope winbeta dudes won’t mind
* Other tab added
* Windows internal CD-Burning starter added
* Games install progressbar value fix
* File size optimize
* UxTheme.dll patch added (now it is olny for Win2k3 RTM and WinXP SP1, soon WinXP (no sp.) support will be added)
* I removed comcontrl v6 support (some non-MS themes don’t show vbasic checkboxes)

v0.6 Holiday Build (internal build):
* I got my first dig. cam so I added Windows Image Acquisition Service Starter
this is needed for PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol)
* and couple of new sections in Tools menu
* Actually I thinking to add CD-Recording Service configuring… but who is using it anyway??
* I just found out that themes do not run in 64-bit edition of Windows Server… so this is not bug if you (rich 64bit dudes) can’t start themes
* Compiled using 7.1 library with Vbasic 6.0 SP5
* Huge changes with “Flat”PopUP buttons

v0.56 Flat Post Final Build (Open Source Version):
* Now it is just the right moment to set this code public
Go and get your own copy of it @: http://hot.ee/salasource
Warning: it’s educational purpose only!!!
* Stable Flatbutton usercontrol is completed:) almost:( borders is need to be done
* CMD line execute apps are now not visible
* “Second time” pinball install fix
* Transparent form functions is complete:)

v0.5.1 Next Step (1.0) Build:
* lib_sala.dll removed, now using typelib interface
* trying 1st time flatbutton usercontroll with tons of bugs:(
* and transparent forms, with little less bugs:)
* Code optimize

v0.5 Final (Iam very pleased to presents 100% stable release):
* Shortcuts added for the games, using c++ lib_sala.dll, cause I really don’t know how to do this in VBasic!
lib_sala.dll must be placed in same dir with this app, if its not, then shortcuts could not be done
* WinXP CD check fixed for the games
* Apply button enabled/disabled fix
* Windows Server 2003 Download prompted only first time you use this application (starting current version)
* Pinball install fix
* Minor UI changes
* Home Edition OS Type fix
* Server Versions OS Type final full fix
* Very useful sections added to Tools menu
* Restart Q removed form audio service start, because sounds started working right after service was enabled

v0.5 Beta 4 (Public Release):
* Windows Server 2003 Download Q added for WinXP users
* Apps tab is fully working now!
* Shortcuts for the games will be added in the next release (Final 0.5 release)
* My “contact” link changed

v0.5 Beta 3 (Public Release):
* XP CD check is now there it should be! Sorry about that:)
* Some UI fixes
* Starting This release optimize tool starts ONLY in WinXP and Win Server 2003, app quit not working 100% correct if os version is not correct
* Shortcuts for the games must be added next release (Final 0.5 release)
* Apps tab added for preview reasons

v0.5 Beta 2 (Public Release):
* Games install fix
* StatusBar message fix
* Old games dialog removed
* Tabs support now Drag and Drop!
* XP CD check for the games should work. Using Uxtheme.dl_ FileExists (Win2k3 and WinXP = True and this is definetly bug)
* Shortcuts for the games must be added next release (Final 0.5 release)

v0.5 Beta 1:
* All seems to be working correctly!, for now
* Games dialog moved to tab menu
* Buttons in tab menu have strange rings, only when xp themes are loaded (unfixable bug:(( soon I`ll replease normal buttons to flat buttons)

v0.49xp (Tab-Alpha Build):
* MemDC class generates lots of errors when app quits:(
* My first User Control!
* Tab size control fails:(

v0.41xp Pre-Release (WinXP testing build):
* Nice XP THEME full support!!
* Logo fix
* OS type (mce, table) fix, Home and Pro may not work, yet.
* Very new about dialog:)
* Standardizing form object sizes
* Progress dialog added with fuc.ing nice progressbar (using api)
* Major file size optimize

v0.4 Pre-Release (testing build):
* Added sound support for Pinball
* Code optimize

v0.39 Post Final Release (testing build):
* NICE Extended (right mouse button) help added for unknown functions like shutdown event tracker, requested bY Scorpion
* All help topics may not work on Windows XP
* Web Edition only,added by default running server service stopper. By doing this you get about 40MB free memory!
These services are: HTTPFilter, IISADMIN, srvcsurg, appmgr, SMTPSVC, elementmgr and W3SVC
If you want to use some of them you should be smart enough to turn these back on!
* About shortcut conflict (with apply) fix
* Minor UI changes
* Windows games added for Windows Server 2003 (WinXP CD required)
* Huge code optimize (modules by types, modules by declares, modules by constants and modules by functions)

v0.3a Post Final Release:
* Using WaitForSingleObject api at service start (for slower pc to fix issue: restarts before service is correctly installed)

v0.3 Final Release (for selected ones):
* Install audio drivers fix
* Audio and theme service direct execute
* Added sound volume control
* Fake statusbar due to bad ocx system
* Windows XP UI Logon removed due to stability issues
* Added activation reminder remover

v0.25RC (internal build):
* Added Logon skins
* Added Logon wallpaper (bmp only) using GetOpenFileName api
* Added history and about
* Added menu
* Windows XP UI Login fix
* DirectX (dxdiag) fix

* Windows XP UI Logon Added
* OS Type fix
* Using RegCreateKeyEx and so on api’s

* Autorun fix
* Added Video optimiser options
* Added Audio optimiser options
* Audio driver check and install (work in progress)

v0.1?alpha (internal build):
* First alpha binary
* Using GetWindowsDirectory vs system strings