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It was about time to get the new page up. So here’s the proof that sala source is not dead. As a matter of fact I am working on the next version of Windows Server 2003 Optimize Tool that has full SP1 support. Also Windows Password Renew will soon have an update coming with brand new interface:)

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  1. 1 Copas

    Nice works but unfortunately there is one problem I ran into. The operating system is recognized wrongly by the Terminal Server Patch installer program because under a nationally different XPSP2Pro it says: “This software is only for Windows XP Pro SP2″.

  2. 2 paul pilkington

    how do i get this to work on my current windows installation i only have the one and it just keeps saying its currently in use do i need a pre environment

  3. 3 sala

    paul pilkington, do you mean Password Renew? This app is only for Windows PE. If you do not have one then you cant use this program normally.
    For Windows PE look at

  4. 4 Tony Gleave

    Help I have used the Terminal Server Patch for Months in XP, It has been nothing more than god send and i cannot fault it.

    But i have upgraded recently to VISTA and want to use the Patch,

    Do you have any plans to release a version of the TS Patch for Vista, had a scower of your site and cant see any notice of one,

    Many Thanks

    Living in Hope.

  5. 5 sala

    Sorry, Vista is no go :(

  6. 6 Allan

    Thank god the sala source is not dead! I reinstalled my Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 OS and I was restoring all of my tweaks. One of them was your great terminal server patch. When the link did not go to the page I was used to seeing I panicked! Thanks for putting that RDP hack installation back up again. It really helped add inexpensive “thin-clients” to my home network. I mentioned it in an RDP article on my blog hacker not cracker.


  7. 7 zumser

    hi sala,

    huge thanks for the terminal server patch!!

  8. 8 Larry Suarez

    I think there were some microsoft updates that prevent Multiple Remote Desktop sessions to work event with your patch.

    Could you confirm that please?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. 9 sala

    Sorry, this patch is as is. This in not hack or crack, if Microsoft did change something in terminal server then I cant do much.
    What you can do is to make sure that you are using a correct version of Termsrv.dll (2055) and block this update that prevents multiple remote desktop sessions.

  10. 10 toor

    hope u ll have piece of time to answer my question,
    I get working RDP for more remote connections, but the problem is that i
    cant do RDP connections on WINXP box until user from local console doesnt
    log in. Is there any possibility how to gets it work, if noone ll log to
    system localy, just all users ll log in via RDP. Thanks a lot.

  11. 11 sala

    toor, you probably have some policy’s installed that make your windows behave like this…

  12. 12 Nick Armitage

    I have been using the Windows XP Terminal Server Patch successfully for months – excellent piece of s/w; thanks very much.

    However, in the last few weeks something has changed – I suspect a Windows Update has (unbeknown to me) overwritten the modified Terminal Services dll. It has now reverted to the original behaviour of only allowing one person to be logged in.

    In order to fix this, I tried to re-run your patch.
    However, all that comes up is a dialog box saying that the patch has already been run.

    How does it know the patch has been run?
    Is there a registry setting that is set – so I can unset it and re-run the patch?
    Or does it check the version of the Termsrv.dll – in which case it must be something else?

    I really want to re-run the patch.
    Would it be possible instead of just saying it’s been run to warn you that it’s been run and ask if you’d like to run it again?

    Many thanks for any sort of reply…

  13. 13 sala

    @Nick Armitage
    Uninstall Terminal Server Patch from add-remove programs and the install again.

  14. 14 Yoshi

    Hi Sala,

    Thanks for the lots of nice products. I was using Terminal patch for months and installed WindowsXP SP3 then seems your patch was overwritten by SP3. I tried to re-install the patch but it complains that windows is not SP2. Would you fix it and releace for SP3?

    Regards Yoshi

  15. 15 notme23

    I have been trying to use the TS patch and just like other users i have not been able to even though the termsrv.dll is 2055. any idea what hotfix from MS broke this? I would like to uninstall it and make this work again. thanks.

  16. 16 Erik

    Hi there. I really like this patch – and the installation I found to be very easy to do. One thing that bothers me the most about many community-made installations is where they walk you through hacking up the registry. Thanks a lot in so many respects. It works real well – just as advertised. I’m having an issue however. I can allow for multiple logins, but after each log in I receive the error

    “Application System Error: Access is denied. Unable to open the service registry key.”

    As I mentioned, after one pushes the “Ok/Whatever” button, it allows the user access to the machine without further issues. What I’d like to know is if there is some way I can turn the blasted error message off because it can get kind of annoying. Maybe it’s something that I did (or didn’t do) that is making it appear as such. Thanks again for making such an awesome contribution to the online community.

  17. 17 sps

    Hi Sala, do you intend to build a new version for win2k8?
    Thanks for this excellent app!

  18. 18 Jahglory

    Yo all,

    Sorry if my english is not very good, i’m french ! LOL
    I was using Terminal patch with XP, thanks you very much Sala :) :):)
    Since 2007 I moved to Vista Ultimate, and I was very disappointed to see there’re no patch like
    that for Vista.
    But I found a working patch like sala’s for xp, working for 2 simultaneous users on Vista ( Sala’s patch work up to 10 users )
    Only 2 users for Vista, but work fine ( i haven’t try with Vista SP1 )

  19. 19 German

    Hi Sala!

    Is there any chance to remove the “OS Checker” upon executing the “Termiserv_XPSP2_i386_1.0.exe”
    now that WinXPSP3 has come out, I -and I’m pretty sure many more- want to re-patch our OSes as easily as we did with our previous WinXPSP2, just a click away, but the thing is that once I installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 Final (windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu_c81472f7eeea2eca421e116cd4c03e2300ebfde4.exe) and clicked at your beatiful hacktool I got the message “This Software is only for Windows XP Professional SP2″…

    We all would appreciate this message being ignore! :D

    Thanx man! you rock!

  20. 20 muiz

    Hi Sala,

    It doesnt work on SP3 :(

  21. 21 ercansifreci

    Hello , I am writing turkey

    Terminal, service for Vista necessary I could not find

    Is it found on you

    Terminal Server Patch for Windows VISTA

  22. 22 ozkan

    Hi Sala,

    Thank you very much for your excellent Terminal Server Patch. It’s very useful.

    I’m using your patch with win Xp Pro Sp2. Now I’m working with maximum 3 simultaneous users. But i want to work with 10 user simultaneously.

    Would you help me?


  23. 23 sala

    @ozkan, New updated Terminal Server Patch will allow unlimited simultaneous users. Just uninstall 1.0 patch and install 2.0 :)

  24. 24 Tushar

    Hi, I used your Terminal Server Patch version 2 on my Windows XP Pro SP2 but it fails, this is the exact message I get

    5.1.2600.3251 version in unsupported!
    If you trying to install this patch on Windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3
    then you can post this version to page and we will update
    this patch to support more versions.
    If you have previously installed sala’s Terminal Server Patch 1.0
    then uninstall it first and try this patch again after reboot.
    Your Windows stays unpatched.

    Could you add support for this dll version pls.

  25. 25 sala

    @Tushar, 5.1.2600.3251 support is now added, re-download and patch :)

  26. 26 Tushar

    Thanks worked like a charm

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