Windows Password Renew 1.1

Password Renew 1.1-BETA is now available for download.
Version 1.1-BETA contains several code fixes and completely new user interface.

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  1. 1 suggestion

    salapasswd.CMD could be rewritten as
    @start “” “%~dp0\PasswdRenew.exe”

    the current version with cd %~dp0 fails when the command prompt is on another drive.

  2. 2 Wizard_Yo

    Still unable to reset Windows XP Pro domain member. I’m now suspecting a group policy could be at fault. Either that or the administrator account being renamed and other system accounts locked down. (3 PCs at one plant all refuse to reset) Other systems check out fine. Keep up the good work!


  3. 3 sala

    Please read forum posts:
    If your pc is part of a domain you can only NULL Administrator password!
    Look at advanced tasks.

  4. 4 Wizard_Yo

    no, you are wrong. nothing works

  5. 5 sala

    To Wizard_Yo:
    Thats do bad for you, maybe you can hire some programer who do write a program that can do what you want and work well with your configuration:)
    Good luck, you’ll need it!

    PS: with further questions, please ask them at forum. There are hundreds of users who has used this program successfully and they may help you with your problems.

  6. 6 AeSix

    I’ve used UBCD4Win, which is a nu2 PE based bootable CD to fix PCs. It’s awesome, but it was lacking a good password program. Being I work in a shop with probley a hundred or more computers in and out each month, there isn’t always time to wait on the customer to get me the password to access the admin account, and sometiems they just don’t know it. This tool is very helpful as a PC R&R, and Windows XP Technician.

  7. 7 Mike

    ummm, what do I click?? I enter a new password, then what? There’s no button. You need a “Save” or “Write” button. How do you commit changes?

  8. 8 sala

    There is Install button;)

  9. 9 rojo

    sala, you’re a great man. Thanks for a very useful prog!

    I think the last version you released was a little more intuitive with the Install button located closer to where one is used to seeing OK, Cancel and Apply. Any chances of renaming “Install” to “Apply” and moving it back to the bottom of the window?

    Otherwise, I think the new UI is a vast improvement!

    Wizard_Yo, if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you were one of my users trying to crack admin access on a machine you shouldn’t have admin access on. Glad sala pwned you.

  10. 10 sala

    I still think that “Install” is right, if you know how my prog work. I simply dont wana confure users, because the program you see is only made for installing renew service and setting some registry parameters. Changes will be actualy applied when you boot up your operating system.
    But I might move “Install” button to the bottom of the window:P

    TODO checklist:
    *get some resources
    *complete netapis
    *user unlock/enable
    *option for writing events to event log
    *gui fixes
    *some more advanced direct sam hacking stuff

  11. 11 Gary

    this program saved my life. well my job… managed to lock the administrator account out on the server. yes im a gimp. but thanx :)

  12. 12 Stormal

    I would prefer a “Commit” changes button, rather than an “Install” button.

    Nothing is actually installed, but canges are committed to the registry.


  13. 13 Nuno Brito

    I really liked seeing you are developing your password utility.

    We are currently developing a project that aims to downsize a bartPE build and include it a selected set if freeware utilities under 50Mb

    Do you mind if distribute you program along with this pack?

    You can see more details either in the 911 cd forum on the website above..

    Thanks for a great application!

  14. 14 sala

    @Nuno Brito
    You have my go-ahead as long as you dont violate license :)

  15. 15 Phantom

    Took a little while, but Kick ass!

  16. 16 Vaibhav

    Very Good

  17. 17 Jetman

    Sala, great program. Just tried it for the 1st time and was impressed. It will help me personally by (possibly) eliminating my CHNTPW CD, which occasionally doesn’t work anyway.

    I would, however, agree w/ Stormal, concerning the ‘Install’ button, which really doesn’t look like a button. I’d definitely urge a context-sensitive (ie. grey until something requires saving) ‘Commit’ button. Otherwise, it looks like a keeper ! Thanx again….Jet

  18. 18 Raab

    Hey Sala, thank you for this great program you’ve created. It has helped me whereas all others I tried had failed. That was quite a few let me tell you!

    You rox!
    Thanks! :)

  19. 19 Squirrl

    Hi Sala,
    I hadn’t the chance to test your program, but I have a question.
    I haven’t found this In the forum and here, so:
    Is it possible, to add a user with admin rights without to change
    the password for the “real”-admin-account?
    That would have the danger, that you could create a second
    super-user without the knowledge of the admin.
    Or am I wrong with it?


  20. 20 sala

    There is no such thing as real on not real admin account. Account created with my tool is just as same created with windows user manager.
    To create new user with administrator rights you dont need to change any other users information including passwords.
    But other hand you cant hide changes you have done. All users with enough rights can see your new account just as ju can see others:)

  21. 21 paul

    hi sala, my win xp is portuguese, i have tested your
    program, i create a new acount and click instal,
    but the new acount is not created..?

  22. 22 Zan

    Please tell me how to use it.
    If i wanna know the forgotten password, does this program can help me to remember the password? Because i don’t need to change any users information + password!
    Can or not is no matter, but it so important.


  23. 23 sala
  24. 24 Trent

    I have the program now but am having trouble on how I should run it. My laptop was fixed by a buddy of mine and I changed the password after getting it back. Three months passed and I totally forgot it. It’s been longer now and I’ve finally gotten my hands on something that might just work. My laptop has only one user and I don’t know it’s password so how can I even log in and run the program to recover it. I would appreciate it if you could help me with my little dilemna because I’ve tried looking around for a way to do this since I am unable to login. Thanks alot.

  25. 25 sala
  26. 26 dhaval

    Your tool is working only under bootable CD’s?? It dont works on running windows(without administrative priviledge)? Can I boot using pendrive? I am new in this field that’s why I am asking such childish questions..!!! Hope you help me out for those matters..!! thnks….

  27. 27 sala

    @dhaval #works only under winpe #get winpe here, support, help, faq etc. #still dont get it? look here!

  28. 28 Slevdi

    Created a new admin account, but now login stops with an unknown software exception : SAS Window: winlogon.exe – help!

    BartPE is XP SR2 on a DELL 8400

  29. 29 sala

    Never seen this error or heard about it before from users who have used Password Renew.
    But SAS errors must have more description on it aside “SAS Window: winlogon.exe”.
    My recommendation is that you run chkdsk under BartPE, also maybe memtest, try safe mode, last known good configuration and manual file restore by copying proper files off from dllcache into system32.

  30. 30 nathan

    Sala, thank you very much for your tool. it’s great!
    i am using windows xp2 professional (english) and my pc is part of domain. i used your tool to creat a new administrator but failed.

    then i read all the message in your support forum.

    first i have to say you are such a nice guy to reply so many questions and develop it for 2 years. i know it’s not easy!
    and also i found the only problem for my failure was i didn’t creat the passward which conform with the local policy! (not complex enough)

    So i strongly suggest that you add this notice on the software! it’s so important for all the users like me!

    Thanks again!

  31. 31 sala

    Thanks, Nathan
    Will add it to the next version :)

  32. 32 SpudGie

    Sala, You are the Man! Thanks for a great apps.

    Nathan, Thanks for the suggestion about the complex password policy. I been trying to change the password on a machine that someone else added to the network and didn’t used the standard local admin for new machines. Thanks once again!

  33. 33 D

    Thank you for a great program.
    Advanced task – NULL – did what I needed.

  34. 34 umair

    can i use ubuntu live cd with it ? how ?

  35. 35 sala

    umair, you might try under wine but I highly doubt it will work and even if it looks like working I still suggest you not to try.

  36. 36 Aaron Stewart

    Thanks for the great utility. While trying to repair a domain connection, I had disconnected XP Pro and restarted without first checking to see that the local administrator account still existed…

  37. 37 Stewart

    Ho there

    Laptop (HP NC6320) boots up from C: drive but user has forgottent the password.

    Booted up using CD and started password recovery but it doesn’t see C: drive. Any suggestions?


  38. 38 sala

    Steward: There is something wrong with your “boot cd”. You haven’t setup SATA controller drivers.

  39. 39 admin

    Hi Sala,

    Could you add a check that highlights any accounts with blank passwords. I know that ophcrack does this very quickly. Is it possible to do in win/bartpe?


  40. 40 sala

    I can look this up in next release but unfortunately I can’t say any dates because it has been very busy in here.

  41. 41 Kalyan


    You really rock! Thank you for your effort and extraordinary outcome. This thing is really working for me with out any complaints. Thank you very much.

  42. 42 Swieduwi

    I found that the Password renew does install some files on the OS, this application caused a security breach where I work and almost cost me my job, It shows up as Spyware..

    Please explain… Why are you installing files on the OS.

  43. 43 sala

    @Swieduwi, please can you post some proof so I can contact this spyware detection software manufacturer and sort this thing up?

    Windows Password Renew installs password reseting service which executes net.exe and makes requested changes (changes a password, converts user to admin or makes new user). After this is done cleanup.bat will be made and executed which removes password reseting service and itself.

  44. 44 Eduardo

    Sala, your programme is truly brilliant!

    But when will we get a Vista version?


  45. 45 sala

    @Eduardo, Thanks! You can read more about vista support and workarounds from support forum.

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