To make this happening you will need a wifi router, OpenWrt Linux distribution and some knowledge of linux.

You can find more info about supported routers and setting up OpenWrt at here.

After you have successfully installed your wifi router with OpenWrt, then you are ready to install TMSNC for OpenWrt :cool:

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    I am very thankful for your terminal server patch. Do you have a Paypal account I could send a thankyou gift to?

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    I just installed tmsnc on my openwrt router.

    However, when starting tmsnc, it complains about openssl.

    tmsnc: can’t load library ‘′

    i do have installed. I tried to make a symlink that points to, but it didn’t help.

    Any ideas?



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    Never mind,

    I installed TMSNC from the whiterussian repository directly and it works just fine.

    Thanks for the idea!


  4. 4 A

    Windowsis pole võimalik seda kuidagi tööle saada?

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    @a, ei ole võimalik.

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