Win 2003 Optimize Tool v1.46

New version of Windows Server 2003 Optimize tool is here!
This version has full Windows Server 2003 SP2 support. More details available at changes log.

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25 Comments to “Win 2003 Optimize Tool v1.46”  

  1. 1 DeepAnger


    Thank you very much.

  2. 2 orange

    that’s too cool to see it updated again! thanks mate

  3. 3 STRIDE

    uxtheme patch unfortunately does NOT work on Windows 2003 SP2 x64. Bummer…

  4. 4 sala

    I have not focused to x64 system because Windows XP 64bit Professional is basically Windows 2003 x64, so there is not much reason to use Windows 2003 x64 as a workstation.

  5. 5 Rotsor

    AFAIK, RRAS in Windows XP 64bit Professional cannot run NAT on a PPP interface. That’s the main reason why I want to install a Windows Server 2003.
    Am I wrong?

  6. 6 Qwerty256

    Hmm sorry for posting in that topic.. but there is no topic about Terminal Server Patch and i couldnt find any mail to admin. Its nice patch… but doesnt work in polish version of windows xp SP2 :) I think that soft compares two strings and in polish is other string than in English. I have error:
    Terminal Server Patch Setup
    This software is only for Windows XP Professional SP2.

  7. 7 ESP24

    Although sorry for posting here, there is no TerminalServer Topic!

    The Terminal Server Patch is fantastic & works very well!

    But only 3 Clients/users can connect at the same time, is this right?
    The next one is blocked!
    Are there opportunities to handle more simultan log in´s.
    If yes, where is what to adjust.

    Thanks for help!

  8. 8 BetAInsiders

    Great Tool!
    Did you planned to release that tool for windows server 2008? The RC0 has been already relased! Or did the win 2003 also works under server 2008?

  9. 9 JuMz


    Nice tool. The unattended open ‘-u’ does not work in x64 Server 2003. It complains that it cannot find the 2k3ounat.sif in the same directory (which I promise you it is).

    The tool with the unattended option works great in x86 Server 2003.

    Any plans to fix this? (I use this tool to set 2 options and 2 options only: Enable hardware acceleration and disable shutdown event tracker)…nothing else.

    It would be nice to have the -u option working for my x64 installs.

  10. 10 sala

    I haven’t look server 2008 yet. But I might start a new tool if there is some good reasons to use server 2008 as a workstation.

    There might be a bug but since I don’t have any x64 hardware and I don’t have any money to buy one then It is relatively hard to fix it.
    Also all x64 hardware owners should use Windows XP 64bit and not Windows Server 2003 x64 because Windows XP 64bit Professional is basically Windows 2003 x64.

  11. 11 daNIL

    I’m posting about Terminal Server Patch since there is no topic.
    I cannot run in on Windows XP SP2 x64.
    Do you know if there is a way to do it? As you are telling that Windows XP x64 is the Windows 2003 x64, maybe there is no need of a patch, just registry changes?

  12. 12 JuMz


    Thanks for replying! You could try VMWare and ‘emulate’ and x64 OS? The fact that it doesn’t find the file in the directory may be just a minor bug.

  13. 13 covington

    It is an awesome utility for win 2003 what I’ve been met ever before.

  14. 14 mahejn


    I am using the windows terminal server patch, but also want to upgrade to the newservice pack 3. so please update the installer, so it is possible to use it in conjunction.

    all the best from a satisfied user, Sören Sofke

  15. 15 christoff

    Sorry for posting in this topic.. but there is no topic about Terminal Server Patch and i couldnt find any mail to admin. It’s a cool patch and I’ve used it on 32bit XP. Does it work on 64bit XP SP2?

  16. 16 Mie

    hey bro sala..any new updates? any plan for win2008 optimize tool?

  17. 17 kallstrom_74

    Hello Sala!

    i have read that windows 2008 server is 20-30% FASTER than vista…if this is true..PLEASE consider making a win 2008 optimize tool please!

  18. 18 Christopher


    Can not install Win 2003 Optimize Tool v1.46 it complains about msvbvm60.dll in event viewer.
    I have downloaded new msvbvm60.dll from m$ but no luck still it will not install

    how do I fix this ?


  19. 19 sala

    @daNIL & @christoff
    It does not work with 64bit XP.

    @kallstrom_74 & @Mie
    Win Server 2008 will not be supported, I still recommend users to use Win Server 2003. Vista workstation and Vista server are pretty much same OS and there is not much reason to use server 2008, at least not as much than server 2003 over xp.

    msvbvm60.dll should be every server 2003 installation, if there is not, then you have stripped down your installation.

    I most likely try to update this patch when final SP3 is released by Microsoft.

  20. 20 lemonadesoda


    Thanks again for Win2003 optimise. I had not used in for a long time… but last week I did a reinstall and GUESS WHICH WEBSITE I CAME TO FIRST? :-)

  21. 21 Jack

    Great! Does this work on SP3?

  22. 22 JuMz

    Any luck with getting the unattended option to work with x64 Server 2003 R2 SP2?

  23. 23 Rafael


    Congratulations, your program is awesome!

    I have three questions:

    - Does the “Enable fast user switching” and “Enable Fancy Welcome screen” options working, because I read somewhere it’s not possible to enable on w2k3?

    - Is there any way to disable the shutdown event tracker other than through gpedit.msc?
    I asked this because after enabling this option in the program, the Shutdown Event Tracker configuration on gpedit.smc remains “Not configured”.

    - After applying the System Restore, I´ve been receiving an error message while restarting the computer. I realized your program already writes the “SRService” in netsvcs key, but it’s still failing. Any idea?


  24. 24 will

    Can u please post an updated XP patch for SP3?

  25. 25 sala

    @Rafael, Tooltips should give you hint about every option in this program, for example “Enable fast user switching” and “Enable Fancy Welcome screen” will only work if you have already converted your server to workstation (doing this you will void your windows license and because of that I cant tell you how to do this)
    Shutdown Event Tracker option in gpedit may stay “Not configured” but it still works if you are going to shutdown.
    About System Restore, this feature is listed as possibly not safe to use under FAQ. Taking Windows XP files and putting them in Server 2003 my have unexpected results and there is nothing to do.

    @will, Terminal Server Patch is now updated for XP SP3 :)

    @Jack, some options work some not, I suggest you not to use this tool under XP.

    @JuMz, I haven’t still got x64 system (i am out of money) to test this out.

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