Terminal Server Patch 2.1

New updated Terminal Server Patch version 2.1 is out now! All known 1.0 version problems should be fixed in this release, including XP PRO SP3 support, unlimited simultaneous users, localized installation problems and error reporting in case of unsupported Windows/Terminal Server.

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  1. 1 Andrey

    Not Installed on windows xp pro sp3 russian

    Your Terminal Server DLL CRC do not match. File might be already patched with some other patch or they are from unsupported localized version of Windows XP PRO

    Please Help!

  2. 2 sala

    @Andrey, this problem is fixed in 2.1 release :)

  3. 3 Christo

    Tried to install on XP_SP3, installs with no errors, but it doesn’t work, XP_SP3 seems to replace the file (termsrv.dll) with the original without asking to insert the XP SP3 CD.
    I tried it on different machines – exact same result.
    (Use to work 100% on XP_SP2, but we need to upgrade to SP3)
    Please help! This is such a nice patch!

  4. 4 Andrey

    Thanks you, Sala!

  5. 5 Andrey

    a patch has passed successfully but at connection of the remote user throws out the user on a server

  6. 6 sala

    @Andrey and @Christo Windows File Protection probably did restore your dll from Windows\ServicePackFiles. When uninstalling patch you should see message saying that Windows File Protection has restored it after patching. is now downloadable. ServicePackFiles check is added.

  7. 7 Christo

    Works 100% now, many thanx to the developer!

  8. 8 Andrey

    All Ok! Tahnks! SALA

  9. 9 Naveen

    I am having the same problem as Andrey. The windows file protection has replaced the DLL after installation. Where can I download the version?


  10. 10 Robert

    It”s grate! Thank you very much. all work, all good!

  11. 11 Kim

    I have a question~
    I cannot understand what does “your windows is NOT in a domain.” mean.
    Please tell me exact meaning.^^

  12. 12 sauliuks

    Hi, first of all thanks for great patch. Second.. I have problem with using local printers on client computer when connected: they are not “redirected”. I found resolution on MS site which to modify registry key Hkey_current_user/software/ microsoft/terminal server client…. but I cant find this entry. there is no “Terminal server client”… do I need to add it by myself or modify in another place? Thanks

  13. 13 sala

    @Naveen, Latest 2.1 Binary is (0.1 was silent update). Full version is viewable at File Information.

    @Kim, try to google “windows domain”.

    @sauliuks, this looks like Remote Desktop configuration issue. You can create these needed registry keys or try to find same settings from Group Policy Object Editor (gpedit.msc)

  14. 14 pepsi

    hi Sala,

    i’m using XP SP2 but when install the patch appear information
    “this terminal server patch is for windows XP Professional SP2 and SP3 only!
    your termsrv.dll version is 5.1.2600.2627.
    if you trying to install this patch on windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3 then you can post this version to http://www.kood.org page and we will update this patch to support more version”

    can u help me ?


  15. 15 Ernesto

    Thanks for this software, it’s great!

  16. 16 travelrob

    I have a similar issue to pepsi – my dll is version 5.1.2600.3244

    Would you like me to send you a copy of this dll to test against?


  17. 17 sala

    @travelrob and @pepsi new version is uploaded with terminal server 3244 and 2627 build support.

  18. 18 trackbacker

    Version 1.0 patch worked for me in XP Pro SP2.
    I now have XP Pro with SP3 integrated but patch Version 2.1 does not work.
    I get kicked when attempting to log (using the same account) remotely.
    I don’t understand why it is not working.
    Salas, your feedback would help.

  19. 19 Jacky Choy and Paul Law

    Hi Sala,
    We have installed your 2.1 , it works 100% fine in XPPRO SP2/SP3! Many thanks for that!

    BTW, We are also software programmer who are very interested how you did it!

    Would you mind to share the source code with us?

    Many thanks!

    Best Regards,
    Jacky Choy and Paul Law

  20. 20 travelrob

    Thanks for the new version – Works GREAT!

  21. 21 Paul

    Sala I can’t get it to work. the patch goes ok, the new termsrv.dll is different from the origanal one (.bk1) so it has not been put back by wfp.

    But when I try to rdp when user xxx is already connected I still get The user xxx is currently logged on to this computer. If you continue, xxx has to disconnect from this computer. Do you want to continue?’

    Termsrv.dll file version = 5.1.2600.5512
    OS version = Version 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp.080413-2111 : Service Pack 3)

  22. 22 Paul

    Sala, never mind I figured it out.
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\Licensing Core]
    “EnableConcurrentSessions”=dword:00000001 (was set to 00000000)

  23. 23 Hector

    I have version 5.1.2600.2055 and it does not work. Could you please add this version. Thank you.

  24. 24 Hector

    never mind I had to uninstall the previous version first.

  25. 25 Willi Dennerlohr

    Hi Sala,

    can’t install the patch Termiserv_XPSP2-SP3_i386_2.1:
    5.1.2600.3264 version in unsupported!

    Is a patch for this version available?

  26. 26 Marius

    Thank you, great patch. I was using the version one for several years.

    Just a comment about upgrading to v 2.1. (win XP sp2)

    I uninstalled the 1 version, rebooted the system. After this, installed the 2.1 patch. Reboot again.

    The patch wasn’t working (new user throws away the currently logged one).

    Reboot again. Uninstall of 2.1.

    I had a win install directory somewhere in the hard drive. Just renamed this folder to smth different.

    Reboot. Install 2.1 again.

    Then everything works fine. I think this is related with win file protection. I am not sure, did the renaming of the win installation files directory help.

    So if it fails from the first time, keep tryin :)

  27. 27 sala

    @Willi Dennerlohr support for 3264 build is added in version. Re-download and patch.

  28. 28 shooda

    Thanks, works a treat!

  29. 29 JaixBly

    Wonderful, I have looked forward to this SP3-patch! It works very well!

    However, I have some wishes for the next version…

    1) Domain support, I have read somewhere that someone has succeded with this.
    2) Other Windows support for example Vista, W2K
    3) A version that makes W2K Server and W2K3 Server ingore the 90 days limit.

  30. 30 Ben


    i don’t know what happened but the patch was working until a dew days …
    i have xp pro sp3 installed
    no domain?
    using a no ip redirection
    no firewall
    3389 is redirected to the good local ip (behind router)
    it seems i have also the problem with teamviewer, the connection starts but nothing appears when connected
    would it be a network adapter prob?
    when i connect via RdP, sometimes i have an error saying that the distant computer may not allow connection, or that all the connections are used, sometimes no error message
    i am a lttle bit confused on what i can do …
    please help! THANX!!!

  31. 31 KeX

    i’m using XP SP3 but when install the patch appear information
    “this terminal server patch is for windows XP Professional SP2 and SP3 only!
    your termsrv.dll version is 5.1.2600.5503.Do u Have patch for this version?

    if you trying to install this patch on windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3 then you can post this version to http://www.kood.org page and we will update this patch to support more version”

    Thank you for help……

  32. 32 sala

    @KeX, new version is uploaded with 5503 build support.

    @Ben, unfortunately I cant help since I cant see this problem.

  33. 33 Ben

    thanx for answering that fast sala!
    i can make SS if you want but the language of the error message i have will be in french … also what i can see is that even after removing rebooting reinstalling rebooting a several time it doesn’t fix the prob.
    let me know how i can send you my no ip redir so you can see by your eyes what happens ?
    thanx again for your great job!

  34. 34 KeX

    Thank for answering…Sala

  35. 35 Ben

    Ok Sala maybe i found what is the problem … the termsrv.dll version is 5.1.2600.5512 could it be the source of it ? i have made a fresh install of XP and remote desktop was working with sp3 installed, i have disabled the WFP then applied the TSE patch that i have re downloaded . Problem is exactly the same RD launchs and stops almost at the same time
    Thanx in advance

  36. 36 Ben

    to be more precise the version is 5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)

  37. 37 Ben

    oups forgot one thing … just to confirm that when uninstalling the ste patch it doesn’t specify that the dll has been probably replaced because if the WFP

  38. 38 sala

    @Ben, when uninstalling, the patch will put 100% correct file back where it was, so WFP has nothing to complain. WFP kick only in if you replace correct file with patched, some other way modified or wrong file.

    5.1.2600.5512 is RTM SP3 release build, other users who has requested support for other builds have betas, rc’s and some other leaked builds.

  39. 39 Ben

    well i’m really confused … i can’t seem to determine what is the cause of this xpsp3 without tse patch accept the connection one at the same time, then patch it and no more remote desktop working, removing tse patch and still it doesnt work? any idea of the problem? just spend 4 hours yesterday to fully reinstall :(

  40. 40 atlana

    great little patch, been using it big time – as a side-note; it even works through WindowsMobile’s (v6.1) Remote Desktop!! :-D

  41. 41 JaixBly

    I found a .BAT file that makes a domain connected pc to work with the TS-patch, it is easy to use and install:
    1) Make a .BAT file named “Domain enabled Concurrent TS sessions.bat”
    including this text >>>
    @REG ADD “HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Terminal Server\Licensing Core” /v EnableConcurrentSessions /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f >nul
    @REG ADD “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon” /v EnableConcurrentSessions /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f > nul
    @REG ADD “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon” /v AllowMultipleTSSessions /d 1 /t REG_DWORD /f > nul

  42. 42 sala

    @JaixBly, same keys is added by default with this patch, but I am not 100% sure it will add concurrent session feature for domain pc’s.

  43. 43 Murga

    I have sbs installed, but its not terminal server.

    5.2.3790.3959 version in unsupported!
    If you trying to install this patch on Windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3
    then you can post this version to http://www.kood.org page and we will update
    this patch to support more versions.
    If you have previously installed sala’s Terminal Server Patch 1.0
    then uninstall it first and try this patch again after reboot.
    Your Windows stays unpatched.

  44. 44 Francisco Garcia

    how many conection’s have you tride (unlimited?)
    thanks in advance

  45. 45 Simbo

    Hi there,

    Not working with most recent WinXP MCE updates. Installer shows:

    “5.1.2600.5581 version in unsupported!”

    Can email the termsrv.dll file if req’d…. thanks.

  46. 46 Benoit

    @ Master Sala
    Unbelievable!!! i found what was the problem :S it seems that latest forceware of nvidia (i have a 9600gt) are the source of it :D uninstalled it and it works! the version i had is 175.19_geforce_winxp_32bit_international_whql it seems that it causes a conflict and disable the RDP, …. dunno if the problem appears with more recent version of the forceware , i will test and let you know.
    SO the end of the story is that the TSE patch was never the source of the problem
    thanx a lot for the help and keep on your fabulous work

  47. 47 Benoit

    yep confirmed this was the cause of it and the latest forceware (not the one available on nvidia site) are ok everything rolls !

  48. 48 Ovidiu

    Hi Sala,

    I’m using XP SP2 but when install the patch appear information

    “This Terminal Server Patch is for Windows XP Professional SP2 and SP3 only!

    Your termsrv.dll version is 5.1.2600.2620.
    If you trying to install this patch on Windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3 then you can post this version to http://www.kood.org page and we will update this patch to support more version.”

    How can I solve this?

    Thanks and regards,

  49. 49 sala

    @trackbacker, you cant be logged in with same account in more than 1 places. As you can see from screenshoots, it only works with different users.

    @Simbo and @Ovidiu, will add this build support in next version.

    @Francisco Garcia, yes, unlimited. But it is manageable from gpedit.msc

    @Murga, you have windows server 2003, this is xp pro patch.

    @Benoit, thanks!

  50. 50 salman

    well i guess this patch will only works on xp right what about 2003 server i try alot but non works on server 2003 can any 1 tell me

  51. 51 trackbacker

    salas, your sp2 patch allowed logging in with same account in more than 1 place and hence allowed me to control my pc from a laptop with a single account. why does your sp3 patch not support this?

  52. 52 JaixBly

    Hi again Sala, sorry for such a late answer.
    Oh, the keys are already there? I didn’t know that, how ever Windows is rewriting them every time the computer restarts, so they have to be as a “sceduled task” durin login so the first login every time sets the correct reistry keys every time the computer starts.
    I have my domain connected computer working now with this as the only extra thing added to your patch.
    This makes my work as SysAdmin soooo much easier now adays!
    But please add:
    1) Other Windows support for example Vista, W2K
    2) A version that makes W2K Server and W2K3 Server ingore the 90 days limit.

  53. 53 marco

    does some form exist of installing for command line?
    is there as installing without necessary reboot is?

  54. 54 Akjo

    It is great work,thank you Sala!

  55. 55 Fefê

    Tem para o Windows Vista? Qual o site oficial desse Patch?
    Support for Windows Vista? How official link this file?

  56. 56 Simbo

    Any time-scale for the next update to fix the “5.1.2600.5581″ unsupported issue? Thanks…

  57. 57 Taron

    Merci beaucoup Sala :)
    Ton programme est géniale ;)

  58. 58 mike

    i’m using XP SP3 and this happens

    “this terminal server patch is for windows XP Professional SP2 and SP3 only!
    your termsrv.dll version is 5.1.2600.3282.
    if you trying to install this patch on windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3 then you can post this version to http://www.kood.org page and we will update this patch to support more version”

    would you be able to add support for my version? cheers

  59. 59 dood

    Sala, could you please contact me on email (you can see it right?), I need special version of your patch. For sure not free. Thanks.

  60. 60 Simbo

    Anyone else as impatient as me & waiting for Sala to publish an update… see:


    ..not as convenient as Sala’s tool but it worked for me :o )

  61. 61 sala

    @Simbo @mike and @Ovidiu version is uploaded now and support for requested versions is added.

    @dood I don’t do any special versions and I don’t take money for my work. Ever.

    @Fefê my patch does not have support for vista versions at current time. official link is at http://www.kood.org/terminal-server-patch/

    @marco reboot is needed, but you can do it any time you want. even weeks after you patch. but without reboot this patch has no affect. I might consider command line version if I get some free time to code it.

  62. 62 Dave

    Fantastic. Installed 100% smooth on a SP3 of Media Center.

    All I can say is fantastic.

  63. 63 Gianluca

    Complimenti a SALA, ma lo si puo’ usare liberamente ?
    Ho appena litigato con quelli di XP-Unlimited e non voglio averci niente da fare.

  64. 64 Andrew


    2 things.

    First of all, WONDERFUL job! You’ve made it possible for those of us who cannot afford the impossibly priced Server 03/08 to have similar capabilites!

    1. I’ve read each post before replying, saw one similar to this question, but I’ll still ask. Your patch works no problem for me, I, however, am using this at home with the family and XP is known to screw up when you make mass system changes (add/rmv. pgm, win updates, etc.). I’d like to know how to do multiple sessions from 1 account. I KNOW you can do it in 00/03/08 as we do this at our retail store with one account. We’re you saying to the other guy that doesn’t work in YOUR patch or simply just doesn’t work for XP?

    2. If not now, “will” you be working on the ability for patching vista AND allowing multiple users with 1 account be available in your next release? I greatly hope so.

    Thank you kindly.

  65. 65 Squeese


    Installed the 2.1 patch on my XP SP2 machine, followed the instructions. When I try connect from other machines as we have done before, nothing happens, I get no error and no connection.
    Step by step:
    windows: I enter ip (or name) and press enter, nothing happens (I assume its sending username/password saved from prevous session)
    Mac: (using ms remote desktop connection for mac) Enter ip (or name) and press enter, prompted for user and password, enter it. Closes and nothing happens.

    Im baffled.

  66. 66 Squeese

    Oh and I must add, I tried to uninstall the patch, but having the same excact problem remaing. ;/

  67. 67 Maurizio

    Hello guys, hello , Sala. I’m Maurizio and i have a problem….; when a user disconnects the remote session, it disconnects the network adapter , for a few seconds! 2 /3 seconds!

    please , you have any suggestion? my version of remot desktop is 6.0

    thanks Maurizio.

    ps: sorry for my little english

  68. 68 Troj80

    This is patch work of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2???

  69. 69 ChatJaa


    First, Thx For your patch its work on xpsp3.

    but i have a little problem, Terminal Server Patch 2.1 work on Window 2003 Server Right?

    My server is member of domain and now can accept only 2 connection but i want to use for 5 remoted.

    pls reply my ans , Thank u

  70. 70 Lev Serebryakov

    Is it possible to have such patch for XP/Prof SP2 x64 Edition?
    I miss this feature after upgrade…

    P.S. e-mails with ` ‘ in local part are considered invalid. Why!?

  71. 71 ck2k3


    Does this patch work under Win XP Pro 64 Bit?

    Or is there a different patch somewhere else on the internet?

    best regards

  72. 72 Patrick

    It all sounds great. I installed your patch under Windows XP Pro SP3. It found, and replaced, termsrv.dll 5.1.2600.5512. I verified the three bytes had been updated with fc /b and separately with Tkdiff. I told Windows File Protection not to replace it when it asked me.

    C:\WINDOWS\system32>fc /b termsrv.bk1 termsrv.dll
    Comparing files termsrv.bk1 and TERMSRV.DLL
    00022A17: 74 75
    00022A69: 7F 90
    00022A6A: 16 90

    This doesn’t work, in that the console user is always knocked off, even when I manually set
    HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Terminal Server\Licensing Core” /EnableConcurrentSessions 1 (REG_DWORD ) and verified the other “standard” registry edits had taken place.

    I have fast user switching enabled. I did reboot.

    One possible peculiarity: I have used gpedit.msc to increase colour-depth to 24-bit in the past. Does this conflict? I tried upping allowed sessions to 999999, as the gpedit dialogue suggests, with no effect.

    Any other thoughts?

  73. 73 Fithos

    Dear Sala,
    i encounter a problem.
    i have xp sp3 media center edition version 2002.
    and your patch doesn’t work.

    when i tried open tse connection, i have the same result without patching my windows.
    i need deconnect session already open on windows.

  74. 74 Monty

    Thank you! Seems to work alright.

    One question though. Person one logs in and then person two tries to log in on the same username but it does not allow person two to log in. Is that the intended effect?


  75. 75 BDKnut

    Hi There !

    Your patch works well on my XP Pro SP3 French (It enables the multi-RDP on XP Pro), but I’ve a strange thing happening: when I log on the computer remotely it works OK. But when I log off from the RDP session, the console user gets kicked off to the logon screen … no very “user friendly” or not very “stealth” … (I use this patch to log on my brothers computers, when the are playing WoW … :) )

    I tried on 3 different computers, 2 genuine XP Pro SP2 & SP3 (French), 1 not genuine XP Pro SP3 (French), and I’ve everytime the same “bug” …

    I tried with 2 remote RDP sessions on the same computer, connecting from the same laptop to the same computer. When I log off one of the RDP, the other RDP is not affected … the problem is only with the console session …

    Any idea ???

    Best regards from France …

  76. 76 Jim

    Thanks to Paul works fine.

    I had problems, patch worked on 1 Pro machine but not 2 others. Saw the post on registry edit. Turns out my 2 non working XP did NOT have that reg entry. Added it .. rebooted and all is fine. So if you are having problems .. check your registry.

  77. 77 Carlo

    Do you have in forecast a patch for xp 64 bit? :)

    TNX your patch work great!!!

  78. 78 MAtti

    My termsrv is 5.1.2600.5508 and wont patch

  79. 79 Roberto

    Hello to everyone and thanks to sala for the efforts.

    I’m trying to use the patch on WinXP Pro SP2 joined to a AD Domain.
    I tried everything suggested here by JaixBly: I set up a small .bat script, scheduled to run at login but when I try to connect to the machine using a different user (with password), I only receive a warning stating that another user is already connected.

    Any other suggestion?

  80. 80 davide

    come faccio ad utilizzare remote control sugli utenti collegati?

  81. 81 Howdy Jones

    5.1.2600.5508 version is unsupported!

    CAn someone help???

  82. 82 pusher

    Sala are you still develop this patch?
    We see you not intend to share the source code.

    Can you please tell me what’s the trick it uses to overwrite the file when TS enabled on the machine and the file locked by windows. There was another older terminal server patch which don’t work only up to SP2 and that used a tool called WPA KILL to get around windows file protection.

  83. 83 Dmitry

    Hello sala,

    First of all – nice program, thank you for this!

    And I’d like to report that the patch v2.1 DO WORKS on my Win XP Pro SP3 Russian.

    But can you help me with two a few things to enable:

    - Windows XP theme does not work for a remote user (although I’ve turned it on in the .rdp file)
    - Nor the remote user’s disk drives are seen in the session (is on in .rdp too)
    (by te way: clipboard synchronization works, though!)

    Could you tell me where to tune to enable these two things

    Thank you in advance.

  84. 84 Bedo

    Hi Sala,

    This is a great app, I’ve been using it for a while.

    I just installed XBOX 360 extender software which reset my termserv.dll.

    I am unable to patch it with your latest code:

    “Your termserv.dll version is 5.1.2600.3352″


  85. 85 benoit

    Hi it’Ms me again, after a re install of xp sp3 and freshly patched, i get the message that i am already connected with the console mode and that i cannot connect twice??? i dont understand please help, no router no port forwarding

  86. 86 Some Other Dave

    Anyone track down a solution for Windows XP x64 yet? I tried a gp edit and new registry entry to the LIcensing core without success, so I still think we’re hunting for some Server x64 files to overwrite. Haven’t been able to find anything in search results ANYWHERE! Hopefully someone can share any knowledge they have about getting this working.


  87. 87 Jon

    Does this work on XP Pro SP2 64-bit edition?

  88. 88 Martin von Dehn

    I am hoping that you can please provide me with some information. I am a computer professional who asists other people with their computer problems. (Recently I altered the Registry of a Lenovo computer so that it would use the ‘welcome screen’ and ‘fast user switching.’) I have been looking for a method by which I could assist my clients over the internet. I tried Dykstra’s Remote Desktop but it was never able to connect. The Windows XP Pro only works if the client is not using his system, which prevents me from seeing what the client is doing.

    Ii have just installed your Remote Terminal Software. Both my mother’s computer and my computer have the’welcome screen’ and ‘fast user switching turned on. Her compputer has an account for me and has my name in the list of permittable remote desktop users. I have opened Port 3389 in her firewall.

    My problem is that when I now attempt to connect remotely, with the use of your software, it always warns me that my mother is going to be kicked off her system in I connect to it. In other words, it acts as if I were using Windows XP’s Remote Desktop! Does your software only work if no one is using the remote computer? Can I use it to log in as either my mother (so that I am able to ‘take-over’ from her)? Can I log in as myself so that I can perform preventive maintenance without disrupting her?

    In short, what I need to know is if your software provides me with what I need? I also need to know if there is anything I have neglected to do? As a bonus, does your software enable me to switch between her desktop, my desktop on her computer, and my desktop on my own computer?

    I would appreciate a reply via email, if this is at all possible.

    Thank you very much, in advance, for your reply.

    Martin von Dehn

  89. 89 NaHuEL

    Hi!! i received this error message

    5.1.2600.5508 version in unsupported!
    If you trying to install this patch on Windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3
    then you can post this version to http://www.kood.org page and we will update
    this patch to support more versions.

    i guess i’ve to wait a little =D

    Thanks anyway from Buenos Aires – Argentina

  90. 90 Fernando

    have you got a program like Termiserv_XPSP2_i386_1.0 patch for windows xp 64 bit system?

  91. 91 Fabian


    I applied this patch on a couple of PC and it worked flawlessly.

    I also applied it on a PC in a Domain and it didn’t at first, but I read all posts and tried the solution devised by ‘JaixBly’.

    It worked! I created the .bat file and placed it in
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    (if using a localised version, please use the right paths)
    so it will be run on any user login.

    Thanks very much to all of you, this has greatly simplified my daily work!

  92. 92 Fernando

    I am using Windows 64 bit s system since the computer that wee arranges use of 8 gb of RAM and I need use all of the memory. We are many users and wee want to use it all of us at the same time.
    have you got a program like Termiserv_XPSP2_i386_1.0 patch for windows xp 64 bit system?
    Thank you very much

  93. 93 benoit

    okay with some update of nvidia video card driver it seems that a key from the registry is missing. So for the latest nvidia card if u experience problems connecting ( seems to try to connect then come back at the beginning) just add a key at this path:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]
    and add a dword new key:
    et voila :)

  94. 94 David

    Is there any way to use this with the 64 bits version

  95. 95 Martin von Dehn

    I recently installed your terminal server. I also added the appropriate registry key, and set its value to one (1). Unfortunately, though, only one user is able to use the remote computer at a given time. Every time I access the computer it says that someone else is using it and will have to log off. I thought that your software was to prevent this from occuring? I should note that there is one user seated directly at the computer. I installed your software on my computer and added the additional registry key on the ‘host.’ Fast user switching and the welcome screen have been activated on the host computer. Could you please be so kind as to inform me as to what I have done incorrectly?

    Did I install your software on the incorrect computer? Does your software not work if a user is sitting at the host computer? If this is the case then will you offer a version of your software which will permit this situation?

    I am really in need of software which will enable me to remotely access a computer at which a user is working. I need to be able to log on both as the user or as a separate user WITHOUT INTERFERING WITH THE USER WHO IS SEATED AT THE COMPUTER. Can you please tell me how to do what I need to do?

    Thank You!

    Martin von Dehn

  96. 96 Sid

    Installed the patch, no difference, only one session on XP sp2. Every time the console is kicked off.
    verified the file date was changed (date of patch install)

    Looked the key:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\Licensing Core]
    “EnableConcurrentSessions”=dword:00000001 (Changed it to 3)

    Looked in the policy editor: “Administrative Templates\Windows components\Terminal …”, does not exist !

    Any suggestions ?

  97. 97 Trev

    Excellent job. Installed successfully XP Media Player.

  98. 98 Ragz

    sala — help! latest version from your page yields:

    5.1.2600.3300 version in unsupported!
    If you trying to install this patch on Windows XP Professional SP2 or SP3
    then you can post this version to http://www.kood.org page and we will update
    this patch to support more versions.
    If you have previously installed sala’s Terminal Server Patch 1.0
    then uninstall it first and try this patch again after reboot.
    Your Windows stays unpatched.

  99. 99 fer

    Hi Sala,

    can’t install the patch Termiserv_XPSP2-SP3_i386_2.1:
    on windows xp 64 bits!

    Is a patch for this version available?
    if you know send my an email to

  100. 100 LC

    Do you plan on releasing a version that supports Vista?

  101. 101 fernando

    Support for Windows xp 64 bits? How official link this file?

  102. 102 sala

    I have been really busy lately, so I try to answer the question asp and add more supported version asp.

    1) This patch does not have 64bit support and only windows xp is supported. Meaning that vista and server 2003 is not supported 32bit or otherwise.

    2) There is no source code for this patch, because it is patch. You can install it and run some compare app to get patched offsets and values.

    3) If you uninstall this patch and some problems still remains, this means that your problem is not related to this patch. You can also run windows system file restore, to make sure that everything in your system is original/unpatched/hacked etc.

    4) You cant log in with same account that is already logged in. Look screenshots, there you can see what you can do after installing this patch.

    Happy new year :)

  103. 103 Daniel Kim

    Thank you for the update. I had been using the version that worked in XP SP2, and was disappointed that SP3 wouldn’t work with it. I had used a different patch for a while, but yours is easier to install. I’ll try it out.

    By the way, a pet peeve of mine for Windows Remote Desktop is that it won’t display high color-depth. It turns out that telling the Remote Desktop Client to use high color won’t work if the host computer has not been set to allow high color in its remote sessions.

    There are instructions on setting higher color depth for remote sessions at


    Would you be able to incorporate these changes into your Terminal Server Patch installer? Otherwise, perhaps a link to those instructions would be useful for others who wish to use it.

    Thanks again. This is a great patch!

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