1. Introduction

An Unattended install is a way to script the answers for a series of Optimize Tool graphical user interface (GUI) dialog boxes. Answer file for install is 2k3ounat.sif and it must be at the same directory with Optimize Tool (Win2003.exe). To execute installation process you need to start Optimize Tool with command line switch /u (e.g. c:\Win2003.exe /u).

2. Files that you need
2k3ounat.sif (spec. included in commented lines)
Example winnt.sif for floppy method
Example winnt.sif for Custom CD and Hard Disk method

3. Floppy method
You need to copy Win2003.exe, winnt.sif and 2k3ounat.sif to a floppy. You also may wanna change some values at sif files. Now set up your bios that it will not boot from floppy (if you know exacly when Windows setup reads from unnatended installation files then you can skip this one). Now place the floppy into device and run Windows Server 2003 setup just the way you like it. When installation is complete and PC boots up the first time Windows logs on automatically and Optimize Tool starts at background, when it’s done your system will restart. Now you can remove the floppy and change back your bios settings.

4. Hard disk method
Do same things that Custom CD method but skip CD writing.

5. Custom CD method
First find out how to make bootable Windows XP or/and Windows Server 2003 CD. And just before you are about to start writing your CD:

  • Make new directory to your cd root and name it $OEM$, then goto this new ($OEM$) directory and make new directory, name it to $$ and again goto this new ($$) directory and make new folder and name it this time SYSTEM32
    Now it should look like this: cdrootfolder\$OEM$\$$\SYSTEM32
  • Copy Win2003.exe, and 2k3ounat.sif to cdrootfolder\$OEM$\$$\SYSTEM32 directory and winnt.sif file to cdrootfolder\i386. You also may wanna change some values at sif files.
  • Finaly before you start CD writing make sure that you have: